Since its formation in 2006, Michael Emanuel's production company CANAL STREET FILMS, has aggressively moved to stake its claim as an active force in the independent film industry. Its first feature, the suspenseful psychological thriller THE UNINVITED, starring Marguerite Moreau, Brittany Curran and MEN AT WORK front man Colin Hay, is being released domestically by Hanover House/Empire Film Group, while FREE STYLE, a co-production with Waterfront Pictures and Rigel Entertainment, starring "High School Musical" leading man Corbin Blue, wrapped in early 2008, was picked up by Samuel Goldwyn and will be seen worldwide in theatre's in February 2009.

CANAL STREET FILMS is currently in post-production on the Native American inspired horror/thriller MANEATER. Co-Written by Michael Emanuel it also marked his directing debut. Maneater is being released around the world by ARSENAL PICTURES.

CANAL STREET's upcoming slate includes, the coming of age sport drama BUCK JACKSON, a psychological thriller entitled ONE NIGHT, a irreverent teen buddy comedy titled GAYDAR, the contemporary horror thriller A POUND OF FLESH, the Chicago set, crime thriller JUICE, an ensemble comedy titled SAN BERNARDINO, the Gothic teen thriller FRESHMAN 15 and the docu-drama about Charles Manson, The Family and the days leading up to the Tate-LaBianca murders titled M.

Multi Hyphenate, Michael Emanuel, well known for the modern horror cult classic LUCKY, helms CANAL STREET FILMS.